Supporting the groups Donald Trump has verbally and physically abused during his reign of terror. Scroll down for more info.

Created by the Birch Reincliff.  


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Limited quantity available. 


Turn your outrage into something positive.

$ of every toy will go to the S.C.H.A.L.R.F. Relief fund. Scroll down for more info.


Save a life $2.50 at a time.


Donnie's So Called "Haters and Losers" Relief Fund    



$2.50 per toy will be donated to


International Rescue Committee  $0.25 per toy

National Immigration Forum $0.25 per toy

Equality Now  $0.25 per toy

Disabled American Veteran  $0.25 per toy

Planned Parenthood  $0.25 per toy

Southern Poverty Law Center $0.25 per toy

PAWS Chicago  $0.25 per toy

Tahirih Justice Center  $0.25 per toy

Human Rights Campaign  $0.25 per toy

National Organization for Rare Disorders  $0.25 per toy

Dog toys sold today:





It's not a toy, but a statement. 


                                Photos = Happy dogs



Upload photos of your dog playing with the toy using #DonnieThePoo

For each unique #DonnieThePoo photo uploaded to Instagram we will donate $0.10 to Paws Chicago.

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With every purchase of a #DonnieThePoo dog toy, we have specially developed the packaging to be turned into a postcard to send directly to the RNC headquarters.